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Eastsun Development Limited is the noted mask production exporter of all types disposable face masks and kids respirators in the global market. We have successfully touched the summit in the market and have gained a huge clientele with our qualitative product range. Our products are designed to give maximum protection for the wearers, especially masks for children. We have shown significant growth both in acquiring automated production machinery, production facilities and also distribution networks across the country and beyond.
We have every reason to be very satisfied with the results that have been achieved. Our strategic advice, coupled with prudent risk management, has helped us to perform to our revenue budget and beyond.
Our mission could be wrapped up in three words Quality, Comfort and Economy. We are fully committed to combine our people's knowledge, potential, advance production technologies and effective management under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards to supply products such as kids face masks with international standard. We are committed to closely cooperate with our supplies and customer to reach mutually beneficial goals.
Eastsun Development Limited is also committed to supply custom-made (specialized) products, where we feel machine-made products wouldn't satisfy our customers. As the technological advance continues to improve in the health care industry,we are also committed to continually upgrade, modify, design and products that are hygiene, fiber glass-free and up to clean room products as part of ISO 14001, we are also committed to use products that are safe and comfortable for health professional. Our kids respirators have gained significant market share with unique design and super fit for children. 
Mission Statement
Our goal is to add Vitality to your life and provide quality medical and health supplies to our customers at a competitive price. We add value by providing product buying resources, trained product specialists, and live customer support.
Our vision is to be a leader in the distribution of health and children-care products and protect the children from any possible virus and dust with our excellent kids respirators. 
Always improve
Make a positive difference
Openness and transparency
Hire and help our employees to be the best
Care about the vitality and success of every person



Tel: +86-18826077798


Add: Xinle Road, Maan Town,Huizhou city, Guangdong Province, China